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Yankee Hill Machine Model 57-XL

SKU Yankee Hill Machine Model 57-XL
5.56mm, 6.8 SPC II, .300 BLK
MSRP $2200.00 - YHM-MODEL-57XL-300
MSRP $2275.00 - YHM-MODEL-57XL-68
MSRP $2200.00 - YHM-MODEL-57XL-7
MSRP $2200.00 - YHM-MODEL-57XL-9

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This rifle has been built on the YHM® Billet Upper and Lower Receivers. The SLR Slant Handguard has been redesigned and now incorporates a KeyMod® mounting platform and comes with the iconic Slant Brake/comp.

The rifle is shipped in a hard plastic case and comes with a high capacity magazine, a front sight adjustment tool, user manual and a cable lock.

"Overall, the Model 57 is a testament to the ability of the machinists at Yankee Hill Machine, the imagination of its designers, and the quality of modern CAD/CAM manufacturing."

-Terrill Hoffman, Guns and Gear Editor/Writer, Gun World Magazine
     Featured in Volume 55, No. 10

  • BILLET 7075-T6 Aluminum YHM Lower Receiver
  • BILLET 7075-T6 Aluminum YHM Flat Top Upper Receiver
  • "T" Marked Upper Receiver with M4 Feed Ramps
  • 16" 4140 Steel Barrel, Heat Treated to RC 25-32
  • Fluting Style Exclusive to the Model-57
  • 2 Stage Geissele, 5 Lb. Trigger
  • Includes Tactical Charging Handle Latch
  • YHM Slant Brake (YHM-26-MB-A)
  • S.L.R.® Slant handguard, Rifle Length (YHM-5155)
  • Q.D.S.® Sight System, hooded (YHM-5040-H)
  • Magpul MOE Pistol Grip
  • Two Gen. 2 Windowless PMAGS
  • Adjustable Magpul CTR Buttstock
  • Forward Assist
  • Direct Impingement, Carbine Length Gas System
  • Total Weight: 7.45 Pounds
$ 1938.00
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