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Yankee Hill Machine Camouflage HRC-160

SKU Yankee Hill Machine Camouflage HRC-160
5.56mm, 6.8 SPC II, .300 BLK
MSRP $1520.00 - HRC-160-300
MSRP $1589.00 - HRC-160-68
MSRP $1520.00 - HRC-160-7
MSRP $1520.00 - HRC-160-9

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YHM® is pleased to introduce our line of Hunt Ready® Carbines. These carbines were designed to be ready to go right out of the box.  Not only are they coated nearly completely in Kryptek® Highlander, but they also arrive at your doorstep sighted in at 100 yards so all you have to worry about is the ammunition.

YHM® scope rings are designed to put the optic at the same height as the iron sights on an AR-15 type rifle. The included scope is a Bushnell® Trophy™ 3-9X40mm with a mil-dot crosshair reticle. The sling is made by Grovtech® and is adjustable in length using one hand. It features a wide padded, rubberized shoulder area to reduce fatigue. Every model is cloaked in Kryptek® Highlander camouflage to blend in with a wide variety of terrain. The Hunt Ready® Rifles bring the comfort, ergonomics and control of the AR-15 family of rifles into the realm of hunting.
  • Kryptek® Highlander Camouflage
  • Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum YHM Lower Receiver (SPT-125)
  • Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum YHM Flat Top Upper Receiver (SPT-110)
  • Free Floating 16" 4140 Steel Barrel, Heat Treated to RC 25-32
  • YHM® Diamond Fluting Improves Rigidity, Reduces Weight, and Aids in Barrel Cooling
  • YHM® Phantom 5C2 Flash Hider / Compensator (YHM-28-5C2)
  • YHM® Rifle Length MR7 M-Lok Handguard (YHM-5320)
  • Forward Assist
  • YHM® Low Profile Gas Block (YHM-9384)
  • M4 Commercial Telescoping Buttstock (SPT-CS-AP4)
  • Total Weight: 7.97 Pounds
$ 1372.00
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