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New Frontier Armory M16 Jig
     SKU New Frontier Armory M16 Jig
      MSRP $39.99

  • Manufacturer: New Frontier Armory
  • Model: M-16 Drilling Jig
  • Weight:  0.05 lbs
New Frontier Armory’s M-16 Drilling Jig is made for properly aligning and drilling the third hole for a full auto sear in an AR-15 style lower receiver.  The drill hole is reinforced with a steel drill bushing to prevent wear and be able to use the jig over and over without any issues with tolerance.  The jig and pins are made to exact tolerances.  Be sure of proper fitment in your lower by reaming the rear take down pin hole to .250 and the safety selector hole to .375 which will ensure an accurate drilling of the 3rd hole.

We recommend fixturing and leveling the work piece horizontally in a vertical mill or drill press to ensure a straight hole through the lower.
M-16 Lower Parts Kits are also available and can be purchased here.

NOTE:  ALL BATFE/NFA RULES APPLY — New Frontier Armory LLC is not responsible for any city, county, state, or federal laws that you do not comply with when using this product.  This Jig is intended for use by 07 FFL holders for legal manufacture of full auto machine guns.  Possessing this jig in conjunction with other parts may be illegal in some states without holding the proper licenses.

The New Frontier Armory M-16 Drilling Jigs are proudly MADE IN THE USA by hard working American men and women.
$ 39.99
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